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Land Aquisition Process

Q. How are properties being acquired for the construction of the Highway?

A. Government has decided to acquire properties that are on the Right-of-Way (ROW) of the Highway through Private Treaty rather than through Compulsory Acquisition. This means that the price for every property is being negotiated and agreed with its owner.

Q. Why has the ROW for the Highway been reduced?
A. NIDCO is committed to minimising the negative impacts of the Highway on the communities, residents and business establishments. As such, the ROW was reduced from 100m to 60m in some areas. This reduced area is referred to as the optimised ROW

Q. What will happen if my property which was within the initial ROW now lies outside the optimised ROW?
A. All properties that lie within the optimised ROW will be acquired by Private Treaty. Some properties outside the optimised ROW but within the original ROW, with special conditions, will also be purchased. These conditions include (i) properties that will be land locked as a result of the highway; (ii) properties affected by the inclusion of frontage roads designed for establishing access to property; and (iii) properties that the Contractor would have entered under Section 4 Notice. Owners of properties now outside the optimised ROW but within the original 100m and whose properties were entered under a Section 4 Notice, will have the option to discontinue the process. Such property owners, would be fully compensated for any professional fees and other expenses reasonably incurred in relation to the proposed relocation.

Compensation for Damages and Properties Acquired

Q. How will I be compensated for the acquisition of my property?
A. Home owners living on private lands legitimately, will receive fair market value replacement costs for their structures and the land. In addition, they will be compensated for disturbance, related professional fees (surveyors, valuers, etc.), and dependant on the urgency of having the lands clear of structures, NIDCO will offer an incentive to the owner to relocate within one month (i.e. payment of residential rental at a suitable property for up to 1 year, moving assistance e.g. moving truck, movers, etc.).

Q. How does NIDCO arrive at "fair compensation"?
A. Care is taken to ensure that the final settlement for each parcel of land acquired is fair and the process is transparent. The settlement cost for each property is determined by the market values for comparable properties in the respective area and by conducting a comparative analysis.

Q. When will I receive full compensation for my property?
A. The time taken to conclude the negotiations is unique to each property. NIDCO is however committed to making payments to property owners upon agreement on a settlement price. Payment will be done in two instalments, a first payment of approximately 80% and a second payment of the remaining 20% on conveyance of the property.

Relocation of Residents

Q. What are the relocation plans for residents whose properties are to be acquired?
A. Residents who occupy properties along the 60m ROW will be relocated to other sites. Each property owner will receive a 5,000 sq. ft. plot at Petit Morne; while those with squatter status will be relocated to Cedar Hill. Farmers will be relocated to lands approved for farming at Golconda.

Q. Are the relocation sites ready for occupancy?
A. Most of the major infrastructure is in place at the sites that have been allocated for the relocation of residents at Petit Morne. These sites are currently being developed by the Ministry of Housing and its agencies.


Where is NIDCO located?

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