Corporate Communications

The Corporate Communications Division is mandated to develop, co-ordinate and direct NIDCO’s Government Relations Strategies and Programmes, along with its Protocol and Community Relations activities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain mutually rewarding relationships between NIDCO and key stakeholders.
  • Network with communities across the nation and encourage participation in the development of Government strategies.
  • Organize and chair community meetings, facilitate discussions, and liaise with community groups and other organizations.
  • Establish and maintain continuous contact with communities affected by NIDCO projects & encourage open communication with residents.
  • Monitor, evaluate and recommend community policies and programmes.
  • Recommend, plan, coordinate, execute and supervise the proper protocol for official and community events.
  • Cultivate and maintain cordial working relationships with all Government Agencies.
  • Create and maintain relevant databases to: facilitate company project work, maximize partnerships with Government Agencies, address and resolve community-related issues, and advance associations with private sector organizations.
  • Provide guidance in the following areas: Community Relations; Environmental Public Relations; Public Relations and Media Relations Campaigns; Government Relations; and,Event Management.